The Unmasked Opportunity to Change

23 maart 2020

Almost 2.5 years have passed, I live comfortably in my detached house in Thailand on Koh Phangan, but here I am also locked up overnight. You may also experience a lockdown or it may be about to start in your area. No matter where you are, have you thought about the impact this will have on your life and the life of your family?

The financial world is in turmoil and stock markets are at an all-time low. People sell and lose what little they have in an attempt to get cash, then they panic with that money and buy enough toilet paper to last a few generations … The only explanation I can find that they literally ‘pollute’ themselves.

Don’t panic or be stupid, just relax and calm down. As for the COVID-19 virus, the best advice I’ve heard is the following: Don’t change your behavior to avoid contamination. Suppose you are infected, then change your behavior to avoid transmitting the virus.

What is the opportunity? You have the opportunity to slow down and think about how things may be different for you in the future, and especially how you can ‘be different’ from the rest of the herd. Realize that if the herd goes one way, you definitely have to go the other way. If the herd sells at a loss and tries to turn everything into cash, you shouldn’t be selling and would rather look for alternatives that the rest of the world doesn’t do.

Traditionally, people rely on banks and other financial systems. If you think this is true, familiarize yourself with a term known as “Bail-In,” which allows banks to effectively save your money so they don’t go bankrupt.

Some of the alternatives are Gold, Silver and Bitcoin, where Bitcoin is showing signs of recovery faster than Gold and Silver, and this could be the beginning of Bitcoin’s decoupling from traditional markets. By owning Bitcoin, you are definitely not part of the herd as less than 1% of the world currently owns Bitcoin. That definitely ticks the box to go in the opposite direction of the crowd.

Is there a financial alternative? First, we have to think differently about finances, many of us have never been able to save in the past simply because inflation was higher than the interest we could ever get. This made us think about credit and got caught up in that endless nightmare. So it is important in the first place not to get unnecessary credit (in other words, only get credit if this is the last resort).

Bitcoin is counter-inflationary, so spend this time gaining more knowledge about Bitcoin and then discover more about investment opportunities such as Mirror Trading International MTI. Understand what they mean when they say you can grow your Bitcoin. You may find through this whole process that you can actually start saving, even if it may seem like a small insignificant amount – like the amount you may have spent on takeaways for the family. It could just be that small sacrifice of not having a few take-outs that can lead to your financial freedom.

Have you ever imagined being locked up can lead to financial freedom? MTI is an opportunity that you can use from the comfort of your home, away from the virus, and without breaking the security regulations established by the government in your country.

We have the opportunity to change, and today we can take a journey together that will benefit our future generations. Are you brave enough to be “different?”

This article is almost 100% translation of the original by Rich Simmonds

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