Are you a Bitcoin millionaire?

19 maart 2020

At the current Bitcoin price of around $5,000, you will need just over 200 Bitcoins to be a Dollar millionaire. With the total supply of Bitcoin only ever being 21 Million Bitcoins, the maximum number of Bitcoin millionaires at the current price would be around 105,000. This may sound like a large number of people, but it is actually a small amount compared to the actual number of Dollar millionaires in the world which is believed to be around 44 Million.

Let’s look at the Bitcoin ownership scenario from another perspective. In Mirror Trading International, over 2,000 Bitcoin has been invested by slightly more than 16,000 members, this is an average investment of 0.125 Bitcoin per member. Obviously, some members have bigger investments than others but a personal target of owning 0.125 Bitcoin within the next year would be realistic for many people.

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How could you get 0.125 Bitcoin by this time next year?
Firstly remember that the price of Bitcoin does not affect the amount of Bitcoin you have and that, due to the daily trading activities with MTI, your Bitcoin is growing.

Investing – If you were just to invest you would need approximately 0.034 Bitcoin in your account today to reach 0.125 Bitcoin in a year’s time (this is based on an average daily profit of 0.5% – the historical trading over the last 150 days of trading).

Affiliate Program – By starting with 0.01 and introducing approximately 3 friends with the same amount, every month for three months, you would have started a process that will earn you 10% referral commissions and the weekly binary bonuses. If you can continue that action of helping people get started, you will find that within a year you have a great deal more than just 0.125 Bitcoin.

The real question is… “What will owning at least 0.125 Bitcoin in the future mean?”

At today’s price, 0.125 Bitcoin is just over $625 …

When the Bitcoin price rises to over $10,000 your 0.125 worth of Bitcoin would be worth $1250 and remember it will still be growing daily with Mirror Trading International.

The prices of Bitcoin are predicted to reach $20,000 and even $50,000 within the next two years. In the longer term, the Bitcoin price is expected to reach $100,000 by around 2025 and at that price, if you only had 0.125 you would have $12,500. However, if you had 0.125 Bitcoin today in 2020 and you leave your investment to profit and compound daily it is possible that you would have 10 Bitcoin and be a Dollar Millionaire.

That is the power of compound profit and as Einstein said ‘compounding is the 8th wonder of the world!’ Being involved with Bitcoin has introduced you to the 9th wonder of the world.

The MTI affiliate program is an area where you can really change your financial future.  With a bit of consistent work, you could be earning 0,125 Bitcoin from the weekly binary profit-sharing bonuses in a relatively short time. Don’t get me wrong, it will take hard work and dedication to experience the 10th wonder of the world, but it is entirely possible.

Welcome to the wonders of the modern digital world.

This article is – for almost 100% – written by Rich Simmonds

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