The biggest problem with Mirror Trading International

4 maart 2020

Have you ever wondered how something positive can be negative?

Many people will tell you how transparent MTI is as a company and I fully agree, they are the most transparent company I have ever dealt with.

So what is the biggest problem with MTI?
Transparency, and the fact that they provide trading results on a daily basis – in the back office, via email and on the WhatsApp and Telegram groups.

Because of this transparency and the over-supply of results, members judge the results on a day to day basis instead of actually realizing that their Bitcoin is growing daily.

In most investments, the returns are so small that it only makes sense to give results on an annual basis and the investors are happy with that kind of reporting. It also does not cause any stress in the lives of those investors.

With MTI the results come daily – business days – and this causes some people stress. The transparency is there to give you the feedback that you have come to expect from MTI, and not to add stress to your life when you worry about a small percentage difference from one week to the next. These fluctuations are normal in trading and you are making a profit and that is all that is really important.

Members might also be concerned that the dollar value of their account may dip from time to time, as the price of Bitcoin is constantly fluctuating. What you need to remember is that the dollar value is there simply as a guideline, particularly for those members who are close to certain levels needed for binary qualification or level bonuses, etc. The important thing to look at is the amount of Bitcoin that you have – this amount grows daily as I have said before.

With Mirror Trading International you can sit back and relax, there is no need to stress. Transparency is the biggest advantage unless you choose to make it your biggest problem.

This article is mainly based on an article written by Rich Simmonds …

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